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I'm Kim from Texas and recently purchased a certified 2013 Lincoln MKZ, other than issues with Grapevine Ford where I purchased it, I am happy with my car... that is until this morning when I locked both keys inside. I was unaware the car would actually lock if both keys were in the car. Fire Dept was able to open the car (they came out since my 2 yr old was strapped in his car seat). Can anyone tell me if this is normal for it to lock up like this? Just curious.
This happened to me as well and thankfully my wife was home with the spare and ran on over to unlock. I'd suggest setting the door code (if you have one) as that was the first thing I did when i got back.
I'm not sure if this is a setting you can turn off but I'd ask your local dealer if so. I had a toyota prius before hand and if the keys were in or near by the car door wouldn't lock itself. I don't like the feature but i have that keypad so now i'm "ok" with it.
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