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There are rumors swirling the next gen S550 mustang chassis will underpin a future Lincoln, immediatly a couple ideas popped into my head about what exactly a mustang chassis could be used for.

Firstly would be to use the S550 platform for either a halo car very similar to the mustang, but with luxury and maybe even performance cranked up, it could be a bonafide range topper. Or if Lincoln wants to go the direct competitor route S550 could just become an MKZ coupe to go head to head with the BMW 4 series and Infiniti Q60...

Second it could be lengthened and used to underpin a new MKZ. With the MKZ RWD it would become much more appealing to performance or driving dynamic oriented shoppers and put it in line with the RWD BMW 3 series, Cadillac ATS and Infiniti Q50. That would be one way to dissipate the old man feel of the MKZ.

And why wouldn't they use the S550 platform for an MKZ? the Alpha platform that underpins the Cadillac ATS (same size as MKZ) is going to underpin the new Camaro, its the exact same thing as MKZ sharing the S550 platform. It would also make the MKZ more competitive against the ATS which has been taking a fair chunk of sales from the 3 series.

Most importantly 65% of ATS' are being sold to buyers new to the brand, you don't think Lincoln could benefit from an injection of fresh blood?

If an S550 chassis is used for a halo car or something relatively low volume it loses the benefits it would get from under pinning a high volume model. Lincoln needs as many people as possible to experience their transformation, Which scenario do you think has more people experience the new exciting Lincoln under pinned by mustang, an MKZ or a range topping Halo car?

If S550 underpins MKZ it falls into the price range of many more buyers than an $80k Halo car for example. $40k is about the sweet spot in the auto industry right now. If you give people refined and exciting cars to drive they will come. The ATS is proof...
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that might just work, It would help save Lincoln since this would be their last draw the way I see it going.
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