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Must-have: Emergency Road Kit by AAA

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Composing a long list of must-have items for emergency kit could appear to be a hard pill to swallow for most of us. Luckily, there are tons of manuals can be found online on how to create your own road emergency kit. Undoubtedly, they are extremely useful, well-written and as a rule will point you in the direction towards the nearest supermarket. So, if picking up tons of teeny-tiny safety items from the endless list is not the way to go for you. Meet our wisely packaged 80-piece warrior road kit by AAA.

AAA® 4394AAA - 80 Piece Warrior Road Kit

Carry Case: (1) AAA Double-Sided Bag.
First Aid: First Aid Guide, (1) Sting Relief Pad, (6) Antiseptic Towelette, (15) 3/8” X 1-1/2” Bandage, (20) 3/4” X 3” Bandage, (1) 2” X 2” Sterile Gauze Pad, (1) 1/2” Adhesive Tape Roll.
Automotive: (1) Accident Forms and Guidelines, (1) AAA Membership Brochure, (1) Booster Cables, (1) Emergency Warning Triangle, (1) Air Compressor with Gauge, (1) Digital Tire Gauge, (1) 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight, (3) Batteries, (1) Pair Cotton Gloves with Dimples, (1) Emergency Poncho, (1) Stainless Steel Multi-Tool, (1) Emergency Whistle, (1) Roll Duct Tape, (1) Phillips Screwdriver, (1) Flat Head Screwdriver, (3) Piece Fleece Set with Cap, Gloves And Scarf, (2) Shop Cloth, (2) Bungee Cord, (10) Cable Tie.

Being prepared even to the most unexpected situations is always wise. For just in case situations, took the first-rate quality emergency kit by AAA with you.

Stay safe.
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Hey Guys!

We still have several kits in stock. Ask for prices and details in P.M. or in comments below. Don't forget to include your zip!
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