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MKZ to break 30K

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In sales volume that is. Currently MKZ is sitting at 29,538 units in the US for 2013 YTD. MKZ has been moving an average of ~ 3000 units per month meaning MKZ will crack the 30K barrier for the first time since 2008.

It will take a king freak month for MKZ to meet its all time US high of 34,363 units from 2007.

For a bit of perspective, as much as the car is harped on it is performing sales wise as it has always performed. Is that failure or catastrophe, how come consistent is never attributed to Lincoln? They may not top volumes or profits but what they do sell, they sell year over year...
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My family always says, "no news is good news." I think this applies here.

Is being consistent good news? Not really? I think Lincoln would like to see increasing sales. But it is not bad news either. It could be far worse.

I wonder if Black Friday deals will boost the MKZ's November sales figures.
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