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MKZ sales up 300+ %

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Although that is more a reflection of a DISMAL January 2013. Still the MKZ moved 2122 units in January of 2014. Compared to the entire Ford lineup who dropped 7% Lincoln, on the back of MKZ gained 43% growth this month.

January is typically one of the worst months for auto sales, so lets see how this works out moving forward.
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Great to hear this and see the stats. Hopefully 2015 will bring more sales, they just have to do the right things to bring in more buyers.

it seems like lincoln activity is very up and down

huge increases followed by decreases. with increases being stronger.
it could be the result of many things, all I know is that they need to develop some sort of stability and even some stead increase even if it's small, it's still better than falling
And other related things

I don't buy a car because everyone else likes it, I buy it because I like it
Best way to put it.
At the end of the day its what you want and like not what someone else does, what good would that be. :cool:
company health is indicative of future products...
It is.
So far Lincoln seems to be doing okay, okay enough to release models that could "save" them, one of them being the new MKC, a great world vehicle.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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