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Mkz power trunk assembly defect

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MKZ (2013-2015)-The left upper trunk lid tip rubs the rubber molding attached to the body upon closing and tears it. This rubber molding is supposed to guard the trunk lid tip against touching the car body. Instead, the trunk tip tears it and has caused minor paint to come off both on the tip and car body.

The dealer has replaced the rubber molding twice. They even tried gluing it. At first when I took it for repair, they mentioned that they had not seen this before. Now, they claim that all their cars on the lot have the same condition. The last time they replaced the molding they wrote on the service invoice: “ …CAUSE: REPLACE MOLDING TORN…999A REPLACE TRUNK MOLDING - COMPARED TO LIKE VEHICLES - WORKING AS DESIGNED…” I have asked them to readjust the trunk lid. They claim that it cannot be done. The service manager will not budge.

I filed a complaint with the Lincoln Motor Co. Representatives from the "Lincoln Client Relationship Center" contacted me twice.

They first contacted me and said they would send an "engineer" to look into this issue. A week later, they informed me that I "would not be happy to hear the results". The 'engineer' went to his local dealer and checked similar cars with the same issue and also consulted with his colleagues in charge of assembly. Conclusion: This occurs only in power trunk vehicles or as they put it, "many vehicles with power trunks have the same issue ." They denied my request to have the trunk realigned. They said that they hadn't received complaints about this issue and therefore NOTHING WOULD BE DONE about it. They said that only vehicles with "power trunks" were affected and that they would keep me in mind and contact me if anything could be done in the future. Apparently, they will not act unless they receive many complaints.

I want the trunk realigned so that it will operate without rubbing metal to metal and tearing the rubber molding. MKZ Club members have viewed and responded to my letters online: "TRUNK DESIGN FLAW?" and "BEWARE-POWER TRUNK OWNERS". As of the end of January 2015, I have had over 445 views and 15 replies from both articles and not one owner has the same issue that I have. It is puzzling that other owners do not have this issue, yet the dealer and manufacturer claim that "it is common". Obviously, there is an assembly error that causes this issue to some cars but not all. The car is under warranty and it has an assembly defect that must be addressed and corrected.
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My 2015 MKZ Hybrid trunk lid does not pinch the rubber molding very hard, nor does it get close to the metal body. Sounds like there may be a need for an adjusting. According to my service tech, Lincoln sends along a gauge with each car for the dealer to check ALL body panel alignment upon arrival off of the transport. Nothing should get close enough for metal to metal contact.
I would reach out to Lincoln Client Relationship Center again even with photos to show the chip in the paint as well as the torn rubber molding.
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