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I will have had my 2013 MKZ Hybrid for 6 months on Sep 5, 2013. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! To date it has been in the shop 4 times with a 5th time already pending upon the arrival of an entirely new interior roof liner.

First and foremost, FORD blatantly lies about the 45 MPG. Before the "software upgrade" recall, my overall MPG was 36. Now I am getting a whopping 38 MPG. If I hear one more Lincoln rep tell me how to maximize the MPG by using the visual aides in the dash and recharging the battery by softly braking, I am going to SCREAM! I am 46 years old and if you could see me drive, you would think I was closer to 100 years old. I baby the **** out of the car to maximize the MPG, plus I live in VERY flat Florida. I shutter to think what someone in Colorado or the hills of Los Angeles is getting for MPG.

I have had a myriad of issues with the interior of the car. All have been addressed by Lincoln by either replacing or repairing. However, the ever present rattles/popping/crackling noises continue. Plus everyday there seems to be new noises appearing in different parts of the interior. God only knows what condition the car will be in in 3-4 years. No matter how many times I take the car in, the problem is going to remain that Ford chose very cheap plastics to build the car which are just going to rattle, crack and pop like a low end piece of junk. The car is by no means a "luxury" car that is anywhere in the same market as to compete with Lexus, Audi, Infinity or Mercedes.

I am sick and tired of taking it to the shop and complaining. I am simply over it. I am in talks with Lincoln headquarters in Deerborn to take the piece of junk back. If Lincoln cannot own up to their mistake and take it back, I am joining the class action lawsuit in the works regarding the MPG and I have contacted my own attorney to take it to the next step. Also I will do everything in my power to make sure as many people as I can reach out to personally and via the web know that they should stay far far away from wasting their money on this car.
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