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To revive this post, I purchased a 2014. MKZ Hybrid the other day (CPO) and drove it back 9 hours to my home town. It wasn't until I pulled out and drove 4 hours I saw an issue with headliner (not the same clearance on both sides of the sunroof). I also had a non functioning driver side seat heater and a buzz from the passenger side speaker (i believe it was a result of higher volume radio listening from the prior senior citizen who owned the vehicle).

I only owned the car for 1 week before I dropped it off at my local Lincoln dealer for repairs under warranty and its remained there going on 3 weeks as they are working on getting all the headliner parts to replace the pillars and full headliner. They went ahead and replaced the speaker and the driver side heading module and hopefully i'll have it back before NYE.

Fortunately I seem to have a great service guy who put me in a lincoln SUV while repairs are done. Unfortunately it doesn't get the same mileage as my Hybrid.

I didn't hear any rattling and squeaking from the car so hopefully that was corrected between the 2013 and 2014 models. I'll most likely be purchasing the additional warranty before mine expires in 14k miles just in case more issues arise.
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