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MKZ drives itself!!

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Watch the MKZ with a mind of its own

In all seriousness who out there has wayyy too much fun with this system?
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If this technology could really save a lot of lives simply because of preventing asleep at the wheel accidents, it should almost be mandated that all cars have it. Just like how seat belts were once an option, and then they became mandatory.
Interesting thought. We may be a few years away from it becoming mandatory equipment. The cost of the technology would be prohibitive in economy cars right now. Right now the option costs $1200 in a Ford and $4300 in a Toyota. if your buying a $20,000 car that tech bumps asking price almost 25%
Interesting... So it makes you uncomfortable somehow to keep you awake? Need more details on this feature I'm not sold that this even exist.
It dumps the drivers window down at highway speeds so your woken up by the thwap thwap

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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