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MKZ Coupe

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MKZ Coupe Rendered for the first time

the MKZ coupe takes the MKC's wider grill and headlights and sports a shortened mid section. Drive train options would carry over.

Keep in mind there has been no formal announcement by Lincoln so this is purely an exercise in design at this point.
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Ford could always consider using different materials. Carbon fiber or aluminum are a lot lighter than steel for the frame.

I guess all that luxury and technology is heavy.
I personally do not think anyone is going to buy a Lincoln coupe.
I personally do not think anyone is going to buy a Lincoln coupe.
Why not? people buy Cadillac coupes, the CTS coupe has been successful. If Lincoln seriously wants to bring back its glory it needs to look at Cadillac a little more. Although its possible with the rollout of new models over the next year or 2 we see Lincoln reclaim it Cadillac fighting form.
I couldn't see myself buying a MKZ Coupe. The coupe looks big for a coupe. If I am getting a bigger car anyways I would just go with the sedan. The coupe should have mroe of a sporty look to it. Right now it just looks like the MKZ sans the back doors.

Lincoln should come out with a coupe, but it should be completely separate from the MKZ IMO.
It is much more practical to have the use of four doors when considering a vehicle of this size but the coupe would appeal more to those who are seeking a sportier look.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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