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MKZ Coupe

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MKZ Coupe Rendered for the first time

the MKZ coupe takes the MKC's wider grill and headlights and sports a shortened mid section. Drive train options would carry over.

Keep in mind there has been no formal announcement by Lincoln so this is purely an exercise in design at this point.
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I remember hearing back in the day that the more heavier the car is the more stable the car is to the ground making it comfortable inside the cabin for the passengers. Boy were they wrong, did they not think about what the suspension does and how the different spring rates can drastically change the feel of the ride.

Yes. One thing they should consider is for next years MKZ is to give it a diet and same goes for the rumored coupe variant if it were to happen some day.
haha that old folk talk. My uncle had said something along the same lines.

The MKZ needs an improvement before they even decide to make a coupe. I don't think it should be that simple to just slap on two doors than four. Parts should be changed like different suspension, less weight, a different look. what do you think?
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