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MKZ Coupe

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MKZ Coupe Rendered for the first time

the MKZ coupe takes the MKC's wider grill and headlights and sports a shortened mid section. Drive train options would carry over.

Keep in mind there has been no formal announcement by Lincoln so this is purely an exercise in design at this point.
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I would hate it if they called the new Lincoln 2 door an MKZ Coupe, it needs a name of it's own without any sedan version related to it.
If the coupe were to basically be the MKZ sedan, just in coupe form, I think that calling it the MKZ Coupe would make perfect sense. It would be the MKZ for people who want a coupe. I think that changing the name from that would confuse consumers, and make them expect something that is a bigger departure from the MKZ sedan.
Ford could always consider using different materials. Carbon fiber or aluminum are a lot lighter than steel for the frame.

I guess all that luxury and technology is heavy.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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