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MKZ Coupe

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MKZ Coupe Rendered for the first time

the MKZ coupe takes the MKC's wider grill and headlights and sports a shortened mid section. Drive train options would carry over.

Keep in mind there has been no formal announcement by Lincoln so this is purely an exercise in design at this point.
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That is stunning! A credible competitor to the new BMW 4-Series and Audi A5.
I hope so but it needs a diet first..
How so? Are 4-Series and A5 lighter? I don't think so...
LOL look how massive the render is, but im curious how you know the MKZ is lighter considering there has been no official position from Lincoln on this, let alone specs or protos ;)
I looked up the specs and it appears you're correct actually...Lincolns have always been heavy cars though.

2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan weight (AWD V6): 4148 lb

2013 Audi S5 weight: 3895 lb

2014 BMW 435i : 3527 lb
lopping off two doors should at least bring the MKZ under 4000 lbs
I would hate it if they called the new Lincoln 2 door an MKZ Coupe, it needs a name of it's own without any sedan version related to it.
What would be really nice is if Lincoln created a coupe built on the mustang platform, Call it the Mark something
Big cars need lovin too.

I agree with the diet, I mean weighing in at that much might hurt the bank when you consider the wight it has to haul around and how much gas it burns. Can't believe it's over 4,000 lbs.
The miles and miles of wires for all the gizmos inside add up quick. The glass roof doesn't help either. You almost need the extra torque from the MKZ Hyb if you want anything out of the hole
I personally do not think anyone is going to buy a Lincoln coupe.
Why not? people buy Cadillac coupes, the CTS coupe has been successful. If Lincoln seriously wants to bring back its glory it needs to look at Cadillac a little more. Although its possible with the rollout of new models over the next year or 2 we see Lincoln reclaim it Cadillac fighting form.
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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