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The new Lincoln Black Label collection is all about personalization, Three new interior packages have been created with an eye on sophisticated materials and top-drawer clientele. The Lincoln Black Label will eventually be available on every new Lincoln, just the MKZ for right now though. Pricing unannounced.

Lincoln desperately needs to do something, Automotive News pointed out that "sales of the Ford Fiesta subcompact outsold the entire Lincoln brand in July."

The First interior dubbed "Center Stage," features Jet Black interior contrasted with a Foxfire Red headliner. Lincoln says its supposed to evoke the feeling of being in a theater.

"Indulgence" is inspired by chocolate It features special leather and the Ziricote wood trim used on high-end yachts

"Modern Heritage" has a modern look with a black-and-white cabin.

When the line debuts, Lincoln says Black Label experts will help to guide a customer through the process of selecting custom materials for their cars. This is certainly a step in the right direction in adding a touch of class to the shopping experience, too many shoppers view Lincolns as glorified Fords and find it difficult to justify the premium tag of the Lincoln. MKZ has had a tough go of distinguishing itself from the Ford Fusion...

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It has to be pretty customizable. Not making it customizable would be a tragic mistake.

All of the themes are really nice looking. I can't choose a favorite. This makes me hope that you can pick and choose your favorite parts from each of the themes to make your perfect set-up.

The exterior color of the car would have a big influence on which interior theme I choose.
OK, this video is pretty bad. They have pictures of ballet dancers and high heels to make us want to buy their cars. Other imagery could have been better.

"Chocolate feels good to eat, it tastes good." What a weird thing to say about the interior of a car. IWhen I see brown leather I think of a old den or smoking room. Very masculine. Sure the color is chocolate, but I am not looking to eat my car.

I think the ide of Black label is great, but this video does not do it justice. #MarketingFAIL
I mean this video is a really strange mix of nice editing and terrible script slash speaking. i just don't think that the video makes the black label very appealing. Its like they could take the exact same themes and have presented them in a different way in the video, and they would have interested a lot more prospective Lincoln owners.
well no they dont sell necessarily well but you have to figure, Expedition retails for $40k and Ford usually averages a 10% margin on NA vehicles, the Navvy is the same truck with a few more whistles yet retails for $90k, Its more than a 50% margin for Lincoln i believe. One could easily assume the Navigator is 2.5x more profitable for Lincoln than the Nav is for Ford.

I also have to think that profit from selling one Navigator is equal to profit on 3-4 MKZ sales if not more. Fascinating industry to say the least.
Even if the market does not cause Ford to stop making the Navigator, soon fuel efficiency regulations will make it obsolete. Unless the Navigator gets far more efficient (which would be a good thing) I think it will be killed by the government in the next decade.
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