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MKZ Audio System

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From what I read the stereo is nothing special but there is an optional THX-Certified Car Audio System. According to the website, it features 700 watts of power, 14 speakers on 14 separate channels and over 200 hours of professional tuning to perfect its sound.

For the audiophiles and car enthusiasts out there. How does this system compare to the RLX's Krell audio system and Kia's Lexicon sound system?
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Very late to this discussion, but my 2013 THX system sounded pretty dead until I adjusted the front/rear fade toward the center and adjusted the crude equalizer by pushing up the highs a lot, the mid range a little, and pushing down the bass. If you want booming, dominant bass, you won’t like this stereo. If you like a natural sound with great separation and presence, it’s pretty doggone good.
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