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I recently subscribed to the forum because December 2013 I got MKZ 2.0 Eco boost on lease and I wanted to be more informed about this new Lincoln product.
I have had a lot of doubts in the beginning because first thing I checked for this car was where is the production plant. After finding it is in Mexico I became more sensitive about every detail on the car.
I am not going to hide that I get such a deal that I couldn't resist.

I will start with the cons:

-went in the car and right away spotted missing plastic cap under the left door open handle. (hope wasn't forget to be reinstalled after a repair of the door, hope to be just missed at assembling the car)
-trunk spoiler (colour black) with visible paint damage (you can see the white plastic), probably I should choose colour white for my car
-rubber seal damaged on one of the doors

That's all with the cons. looks like all of them might be transport or lack of attention from the dealer.

Now the pros:

-Exterior design is incredible, I love it (I can see everybody turning their heads)
-Interior design apart of some of the plastic parts looking not that good for a luxury car (as MKZ is pretending to be) is stylish and very well arranged
-The mileage: I can comment only city mileage (22m/g as advertised) and it is even bigger (around 23m/g)having in mind that I drive in Montreal with so many traffic and three months average -20c
This for me is very good for a brand new car (engine still tight enough)
I am curious to see what highway will show.
-The size of the trunk is enormous (can fit two rows of dress bags next to each other full length) just giant.
-12 L of viper liquid (I haven't refill still for two months of driving in the Canadian winter)
-Headlights - just beauty. Following the turns is just incredible.
-Climatronic very well appreciated in Canada
-Stability control - just perfect
-Comfort mode of the driving - this is just beauty

and so on and so on

what I can say at the end is that I love my new MKZ and enjoy every moment driving it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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