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Lincoln's sales are increasing faster than its rivals

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Take a look at this chart that shows the percent change in US sales (January - May) for luxury car brands. While Lincoln may have had a lower number of sales to start with, it is still quite the achievement to have this level of growth for Lincoln. If Lincoln can continue to keep up this level of growth as it releases more models in the future, then maybe they will really be able to rejoin the big leagues of luxury autos.

Another thing to look at is this chart that shows the percentage change in luxury vehicle price. As you can see, the trend is towards lower cost luxury, and Lincoln is near the forefront of this movement. What do you do if people can't afford luxury? Make luxury cheaper.

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looks like they're not doing that well afterall going off of what zep is saying
This is why I like to look at units moved as with percentage you still have to dig deeper to see what factored into that final percentage. At least with units moved and those units compared to the competition you really get a good look at what's really happening.
then considering how they want to grow in the future and what's possible for them, as in what markets they can expand into and what more they can offer, it does start to look better for them, they are after all are at that point where they should be looking into that.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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