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Lincoln's market share less than Mercury's when it was killed off

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Some great connecting the dots journalism from Jalopnik today. In 2010 Ford justified the end of the Mercury brand by explaining that "Of Ford Motor Company's 16% market share in the US, Mercury accounts for 0.8 percentage points, a level that has been flat or declining for the past several years."

The article goes on to point out that Lincoln's market share today is even worse than mercury's when it was ended. Lincoln currently enjoys a 0.57% market share in the US, and each year it seems to be going down.

Unless things turn around soon, Lincoln could join Mercury, Saturn and Pontiac in the car brand graveyard.
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Didn't Lincoln make a whole bunch of MKZ Hybrids?

I thought lowering the price for the hybrid would help them get up to par with sales but I guess that failed. I have seen so many issue topics on the MKZ. Starting to lose hope now...
Pricing the hybrids the same as the gasoline-powered MKZ was a good move, but in the end people need to want to buy the MKZ or else they are going to go buy a hybrid or gas powered something else.

Interior is good, technology is good, exterior is not so great. A complete redesign of the body of the car could do them good. Cadillacs are looking very modern and young again, but Lincolns still have an old feel to them.

Its all the gadgets and high tech stuff that makes me follow Lincoln, I just wished they wrapped it in a nicer shell.
Well there is always next year and the year after that if lincoln can hold up. While Cadillac's sales grow strong with their new creations the MKz is falling behind so the hybrid price drop only helped a little. Do you just think the problem with drawing a crowd is the brand itself?
If any car company comes out with an amazing vehicle, it doesn't really matter what the brand is. The car should be good enough to attract people by itself. I don't think Lincoln's brand is doing it any favors though. Unlike Benz, or BMW, Lincoln is not going to be able to sell a slightly worse car because people are in love with the badge.
Oh and as for Mercury vs Lincoln, Mercurys place was redundant they were in between Ford and Lincoln in terms of luxury. a Mercury was supposed to be a step up from Ford and Lincoln a step up from Mercury.

Although Lincoln has market share similar to Mercury they wont catch the axe just because Ford needs a presence in the upscale market. Mercury has become redundant where as Lincoln still has the opportunity to carve out its own position..
Interesting perspective. You are saying that Mercury was like the Buick of Ford.

I can't see Ford giving up on Lincoln only because then Ford would have to start an entire luxury brand from the ground up in order to compete in the luxury market. I can't see Ford doing that.

At the same time, Lincoln needs to turn its fortunes around soon. It can't go on just surviving on life support.
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