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After numerous delivery delays on the MKZ, Lincoln is offering its dealers cash assistance to make up for customer’s lost money.

The cash will be for customers who have lost money waiting for their new MKZ, whether through extended leases or money spent on rental cars.

“We know there are a lot of customers who have ordered vehicles who have been waiting,” said Kevin Cour, Lincoln sales and service manager. There are some “who have extended their existing lease multiple months,” said Cour. ”We’re going to assess how big of a share of the dealers’ total new vehicle business is attributable to the MKZ. Then we will provide a payment relative to that.”

In the interview with Automotive News, Cour declined to comment on what exactly is causing the delay in production launch, saying ”we have not had any substantial quality issues.”

Ford did reveal to dealers last week that it has been shipping MKZs to its Flat Rock, Mich., assembly plant for safety inspections, as its plant in Mexico can’t keep up with the volume of vehicles being produced.

[Source: Automotive News]
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