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Lincoln Rant, Sorry.

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Lincoln sales have dwindled with their aging pool of clients. Lincoln knows its deliverance rests in the hands of younger customers and promptly decided the MKZ and its $50,000 price tag would hit the nail on the head. Well it hasn’t and heres why, the people Lincoln WANTS to buy the MKZ and park it outside swanky coffee huts and underground bistros don’t actually have $50,000. The autoworld is so backward right now about on-boarding "the" younger generation of clientele that they throw all semblance of research and go straight for gold. Any 50 something year old executive in Auburn Hills that claims to intimately understand the Millennial situation should be viewed with the highest levels of loathing and promptly outlawed from all valuable industry.

As Lincoln stumbles through its reinvention their strategy they will focus on the highest-volume luxury segments. Lincoln will not try to cover all segments, create new ones or devote resources to a low-volume halo car. So in other words run of the mill good old good enough.

If they really wanted to on-board "the" younger gen they would grab the Focus ST, Lincoln it up and throw it in the ring against the A3 and B-Class. American rivals Cadillac already have rear drive sedans available, even Chrysler has the slightly upscale RWD 300, a stretched Mustang platform couldn't pull double duty in a small saloon?

Ford certainly has the parts bin to lure but would rather ride the modular wave of stone cold profits, and I think they’re so entrenched in Lincolns history that myopia has no choice but to settle in.
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