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In what I am billing as one of the most entertaining pieces of auto journalism so far this year, Road & Track has named Lincoln the "automaker with the biggest balls." Are you surprised? Let me tell you why.

The first reason is that Lincoln made sweet suicide door convertibles and amazing V12s. These were not just luxurious, they were the choice of many a president. One particular Lincoln Continental has the infamous legacy of being the car JFK was riding in on that fateful day.

The other reason for Lincoln winning this title is its move to selling fancier Fords to people now. Here is how Road & Track puts it.

These days, Lincoln is little more than a Ford trim level. What’s amazing is that the company manages to con thousands of suckers into paying more cash for a lesser version of the equivalent Ford product. A Fusion Titanium for $30,600 or a base MKZ $36,190? A Taurus SHO for $39,980 or a base MKS for $40,690? I could play this game all day long, and the only loser would be the guy with a set of Lincoln keys in his pocket.
I'm sure some Lincoln faithfuls on this forum would argue with the idea that a Lincoln is just Ford scamming people into paying more money, but just remember that those are R&T's words, not mine.

Other automakers on the ballsy list are: Nissan, Ford, GM Tesla, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz.

Check out the full article here, and let me know if you think that Lincoln deserves this title.
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