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To be honest Lincoln might be just a higher trim Ford and current Lincolns haven't lived up to the Lincoln legacy, but most luxury cars especially Acura do this and all comes down to brand perception.

When I got my Lincoln my girlfriends niece (21 years old) said Lincoln reminded her too much of cabs and my girlfriend (24 years old I am 27) said, "isn't Lincoln for old people?", but once they road in my MKZ perceptions changes from a cab old persons car to, "oh this is comfortable... wow this is a nice car". I don't think what Lincoln is bad, but people don't know Lincoln and what it stands for now or they think its for old people. A course Lincoln still needs to improve and doing something like Ford and Chevy did with the Mustang and Camaro would be that extra push Lincoln needs.

I know this isn't in Lincolns plans but bring us the MKR or change the MKS into a turbo charged beast that handles like a sports car and looks 100% more aggressive or have more Lincoln heritage in it.

In the end Ford is going to milk the Lincoln name dry if they don't start producing halo cars or cars that are vastly better than Fords. I think 2014-2015 will be that time with the MKC, Navigator, MKX refresh, and hopefully MKS refresh
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