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Lincoln named "ballsiest automaker" by Road & Track

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In what I am billing as one of the most entertaining pieces of auto journalism so far this year, Road & Track has named Lincoln the "automaker with the biggest balls." Are you surprised? Let me tell you why.

The first reason is that Lincoln made sweet suicide door convertibles and amazing V12s. These were not just luxurious, they were the choice of many a president. One particular Lincoln Continental has the infamous legacy of being the car JFK was riding in on that fateful day.

The other reason for Lincoln winning this title is its move to selling fancier Fords to people now. Here is how Road & Track puts it.

These days, Lincoln is little more than a Ford trim level. What’s amazing is that the company manages to con thousands of suckers into paying more cash for a lesser version of the equivalent Ford product. A Fusion Titanium for $30,600 or a base MKZ $36,190? A Taurus SHO for $39,980 or a base MKS for $40,690? I could play this game all day long, and the only loser would be the guy with a set of Lincoln keys in his pocket.
I'm sure some Lincoln faithfuls on this forum would argue with the idea that a Lincoln is just Ford scamming people into paying more money, but just remember that those are R&T's words, not mine.

Other automakers on the ballsy list are: Nissan, Ford, GM Tesla, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz.

Check out the full article here, and let me know if you think that Lincoln deserves this title.
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That and redesigning the MKZ, it's nothing like it's predecessor.
lincoln has sure changed alot

if that has to do with it being "ballsy"
ahh road and track, I've quite enjoyed watching their fall from grace. For full fledged auto journos they really do piss poor research. Hes banding about perceptions not actualities. If you actually get into the nitty gritty of the MKZ's construction its at worst 50% fusion, MKC does it ever better completely revising the Escape.

People wonder why lincoln does poorly, its because jackasses like this have way too much pull over the consumer mindset because they've been positioned as experts. when they;re little more than men with computers and nothing better to do all day but pretend to be experts...


appologies for the rant but the auto journo world has been so stagnant for so long that now even the blogs are starting to succumb to these levels of jackassery ;)
yea ive never been a fan of road and track

i'm not even sure how they are still around
not many people are big fans of road and track.
usually it's motor trend, autoblog and a couple others i can't think of at the moment that are truely good.
Road and Track seems to do pretty well though. And they also own a magazine which I'm sure helps them out quite a bit.

I'm a fan of TFL Cars and Left Lane News.
They have been in the game for a while, just like car and driver, just a couple of the well know publications, probably the longest standing too.
they do have a point in a way

licoln has undergone lots of changes
To be honest Lincoln might be just a higher trim Ford and current Lincolns haven't lived up to the Lincoln legacy, but most luxury cars especially Acura do this and all comes down to brand perception.

When I got my Lincoln my girlfriends niece (21 years old) said Lincoln reminded her too much of cabs and my girlfriend (24 years old I am 27) said, "isn't Lincoln for old people?", but once they road in my MKZ perceptions changes from a cab old persons car to, "oh this is comfortable... wow this is a nice car". I don't think what Lincoln is bad, but people don't know Lincoln and what it stands for now or they think its for old people. A course Lincoln still needs to improve and doing something like Ford and Chevy did with the Mustang and Camaro would be that extra push Lincoln needs.

I know this isn't in Lincolns plans but bring us the MKR or change the MKS into a turbo charged beast that handles like a sports car and looks 100% more aggressive or have more Lincoln heritage in it.

In the end Ford is going to milk the Lincoln name dry if they don't start producing halo cars or cars that are vastly better than Fords. I think 2014-2015 will be that time with the MKC, Navigator, MKX refresh, and hopefully MKS refresh
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