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Lincoln MKZ Winged Front Grille may not Appear on other Models

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Most automakers tend to carry over a consistent front-end for a majority of their vehicles but Lincoln may keep the unique “winged” front grille design of the new MKZ for its luxury sedan.

Future Lincoln vehicles may carry a similar general grille design and headlight shapes as the MKZ, but individual grilles may differ from model to model.

“We haven’t made an announcement that every single car within the lineup is going to have the same grille bars,” J Mays, Ford’s group Vice President of design said. “We needed with the MKZ to signal a new generation of Lincolns. That’s the first of the new cars to come with what I would call a more innovative face on it.”

The American automaker doesn’t wish to limit the design team to a single grille texture, which will leave other Lincoln models open to differentiations in their front grille designs. Another big point that Lincoln is aiming for is to prove that the brand is looking to break from tradition.

Currently Lincoln’s “waterfall” chrome grille can be found on the MKS and MKT that are heading to dealerships now. The MKZ will be on sale later this year.

[Source: Auto News]
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