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Lincoln MKZ vs Acura TLX

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A little visual comparison of Acuras new sedan the TLX vs the MKZ. I find it interesting that the MKZ is starting to attract a younger following, this was typically the domain of Acura so I do wonder how the TLX will stack up...

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Do you think that this new effort to restructure Acura by giving it a few of its own departments will help out these design woes? It seems no matter what they do it is always exactly the same thing and the public lets out a sigh.
To be honest I dont think so. Its reshuffling the deck chairs on a sinking ship while the band still plays. They can divide the company up into however many silos of beurocracy and it wont fix a thing. Acura has a product problem and they're dealing with it like a marketing problem.

I think lincoln is the opposite. Everytcar they make is built of a rock solid ford vehicle, but the problem is Lincoln has trouble showing people that there is something unque about a Lincoln...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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