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Lincoln MKZ sales jump up 114% over last month!!!

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November was a great month for Lincoln. Overall, Lincoln sales were up 17% in November when compared to sales in November of 2012. That's good news, but the great news is that the MKZ's sales went up by 114% over last November's sales! In California retail sales tripled for the MKZ.

Are things turning around for Lincoln?
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Holy crap. Triple in California!

Lincoln sales reps in Cali must be swimming in money right now.
its possible Lincoln in Cali offered the MKZ for a very good price or lease rate.
its still doing much better compared to last year.
the average is skewed because of supply constraints in january and february. Quality control issues meant there were very few vehicles at dealer ships. If you omit the statistical out liars you get an average of 3126 units per month.

For a vehicle that moves in such low volumes as is, 55 less vehicles accounts for 2% of total volume, with an average transaction cost of ~$36k thats lost revenues of ~ $200,000
step away from the calculator
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