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Lincoln MKZ Headlights Are UGLY!

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Ever since seeing the new MKZ, I always disliked it's headlight design and finally I found a way Lincoln can make the new MKZ look better, that is by using the MKC concept headlight design for it's mid-cycle refresh!

MKZ Headlights

MKC Concept Headlights
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I think it might be the grille that has to go and not just the headlights. The grille either looks like wings, or a whale tail. I'm not sure one option is better than the other.
Well the design was suppose to be inspired from the phoenix like in the commercial.
so back on topic do you guys really think that the headlights are ugly?

I was ok with them at first but after seeing the MKS. I think Lincoln could have donw better with the MKZ. Maybe they need to come up with a new refresh to draw in more interest with shock and aw.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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