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Lincoln MKZ Headlights Are UGLY!

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Ever since seeing the new MKZ, I always disliked it's headlight design and finally I found a way Lincoln can make the new MKZ look better, that is by using the MKC concept headlight design for it's mid-cycle refresh!

MKZ Headlights

MKC Concept Headlights
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I think it might be the grille that has to go and not just the headlights. The grille either looks like wings, or a whale tail. I'm not sure one option is better than the other.
Yes of course we do how can that be missed.

You know what else I noticed too, maybe the Lincoln emblem could use an update. I understand that is the badge they have been established with for a long time now but maybe it would help bshed some light too.
That is a good point. A lot of companies update their logos to keep with the times. Cadillac just changed theirs and other copmanies like Apple and Microsoft and Starbucks all update their logos from time to time.

The Lincoln badge is so plain already. It is hard to imagine how they could do anything with it. Everything I can find on Google is basically the same old same old. A logo update could signal a new era and brand image for Lincoln. Maybe just what it needs (along with a lot of other things.)

here are the outliers:

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1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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