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Lincoln MKZ Headlights Are UGLY!

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Ever since seeing the new MKZ, I always disliked it's headlight design and finally I found a way Lincoln can make the new MKZ look better, that is by using the MKC concept headlight design for it's mid-cycle refresh!

MKZ Headlights

MKC Concept Headlights
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I don't see anything wrong with i like how the head light flow with the lincoln signature grille. i don't see it staying for long but in time maybe who knows they will eventually go with the square set up.
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even if the headlamp was square in design with a round projector i bet people will be happy with it.
mkc seems to have a LED projector
I would like the transition going to LED since they have longer life than the HID bulbs. The should be cheaper to replace when they do go out.
Does anyone else see the whale tail???
Yes of course we do how can that be missed.

You know what else I noticed too, maybe the Lincoln emblem could use an update. I understand that is the badge they have been established with for a long time now but maybe it would help bshed some light too.
Good point brought up but do you really thingk that Lioncoln is just shy to bring out everything they have or is there really nothing and they are running out of ideas to impress?
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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