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I am the former owner of a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid. I owned the car for almost four years and it was a great vehicle. Before that I was in a Camry Hybrid. After ten years in a Hybrid, I was ready for something new and the MKZ 3.0 was a attractive option. I also test drove the new Audi A4. A very cool car with sportier handling and some very cool features.
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In the end, there was an MKZ on a lot with everything I wanted and the right color ( midnight sapphire blue), and that made my decision easier. And coming from a fully loaded Fusion, there was something appealing about the easy transition and familiarity of features.

I only have about 400 miles on the car so my impressions may change with time, but overall, I love the car.

Big pluses are the soft quiet ride, the panoramic roof, the heated and cooled seats and the heated steering wheel.

The power folding mirrors are perfect for me as my townhouse has two single garage doors which are not that easy to get into. I knocked off the shell of one of the Fusions mirrors backing out one day. With the MKZ, I just fold them before parking in garage.

I loved the look of the black seats in my Fusion, but did not like that I could never find anything. Wallet, cell phone, sun glasses, all hard to see. The Capuccino interior in the MKZ is a nice change.
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Love that the tire pressure info screen tells you the pressure for each individual tire and like the fact that I have a spare. I was never comfortable with not having a spare in the Fusion Hybrid.

SYNC 3 is great and voice commands work much better than previous SYNC. One issue I have had a couple of times is that my phone does not connect. It has happened twice and if I hit connect button, it will fail. Most of the time it connects fine.

Storage is really good for a sedan and the ambient lighting is awesome when driving at night. The ambient lighting in my 2013 Fusion was very dissapointing.

The 3.0 engine is awesome. Very smooth and quiet. I am averaging 24 MPG for my first tank. My driving is mostly highway to and from work.

There are a few dislikes. It feels a little more cramped inside than my Fusion, and indeed the interior volume is less just about everywhere. The cup holders are a bit too small. Also, the seats aren't quite as comfortable as I expected. They are very supportive. I'm hoping that I just haven't found the right adjustments for me. Also my mid level Revel system is a bit dissapointing.
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Overall, I love the vehicle and look forward to driving it every day. It glides on the freeways.
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