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Ford is doling out $100 gift certificates to the 1,000 customers left waiting for their new cars after a delay in delivering the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.

This isn’t the first handout Ford has offered to keep people who preordered the cars pleased. Ford is also distributing money to dealers with affected customers to offer discounts on the new cars. The first cars are starting to reach dealers, but there are still scores of people waiting.

Lincoln delayed delivering the vehicles because of unspecified quality concerns. The car was meant to be safety inspected at the brand’s Hermosillo, Mexico plant, but a large portion of the cars built so far have been shipped to another facility in Flat Rock, Mich., for quality control inspections.

Those concerns will likely be addressed once Lincoln’s Luxury Verification Center in Hermosillo is running at full capacity. Currently, it only inspects vehicles bound for five southwestern states.

[Source: Automotive News]
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