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Lincoln MKZ Concept to Highlight Brand’s Artistic Detroit Auto Show Stand

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If you caught a glimpse of U2′s 360 Tour you might recognize the honeycomb-esque expanding and contracting screens at this year’s North American International Auto Show, albiet in smaller form.

They look more like something out of an alien invasion video game than modern art, but Lincoln hopes the miniature versions of Chuck Hoberman’s sci-fi style screens, along with some other art exhibits will help slingshot their brand back into the spotlight at this years Detroit auto show.

“This is the biggest statement Lincoln has ever made at an auto show,” Max Wolff, Lincoln’s director of design, said in a statement.”Our NAIAS display represents more than a vehicle debut. It represents the reinvention of Lincoln.”

If their plan works, people will be lured in to see their MKZ sedan concept for the first time. Art aside, the new design is what Ford‘s luxury brand is hoping will help reinvigorate their sales. Lincoln struggled last year while other brands in their segment surged thanks to continued demand in the U.S. and strong demand in China.

The concept being released represents Lincoln’s effort to offer a completely redesigned brand and will be the first of seven new or heavily modified cars in the future lineup. New means a lot coming from Lincoln, given their history of offering gussied-up Fords that in some cases are outshined by high-end versions of their less expensive ford counterparts (think back to the Aviator versus a similarly comfortable Eddie Bauer Edition Explorer about 10 years ago.)

Sadly, the grand tradition of putting a dress on a pig, but still having, well, a pig was alive and well as late as last year. The 2011 MKZ hybrid (pictured above) was just a prettier Fusion with little else to distinguish the car, which is why a fully re-designed car is big news for the brand.

The two-story, art-adorned display is 50 percent larger than last year’s Lincoln booth at the NAIAS, though it remains to be seen if their charm will churn out new sales.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]
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