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Lincoln MKZ Bumper integrated exhaust

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How many of you are liking the rear bumper integrated exhaust setup on the MKZ?
Did Lincoln do a good job at integrating the exhaust into the bumper or could they have done a better job? (post examples)

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They are almost always exhaust covers. You will rarely find non super performance cars have a real exhaust tip like that.

I believe even for exotics the tip might be real but if you look into it. It doesn't go to the muffler it goes to a smaller pipe which then goes to a muffler.

Because if that was actually the exhaust tip, the muffler would be loud as heck.
The integrated exhaust looks clean. My only concern is cleaning the exhaust tips once they become black. The painted bumper gets in the way and can be easily scratched.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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