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Lincoln MKC spied inside and out

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For those of you still lounging on the fence about MKZ this may be another reason to hold on a bit longer.. Lincolns new MKC crossover was spied the other day and it certainly looks to be rounding into form. Based off the Ford Escape the MKC will attempt to penetrate the Luxury CUV segment currently dominated domestically by Cadillac and Buick.

Hopefully the new MKC doesnt suffer the same fate as the MKZ where its Ford bones show and it has a difficult time commanding MSRP...

On sale early 2014, expect MSRP similar to MKZ...

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this actually looks really good, front and back.
the front end, mainly the headlights and grille look far better than the MKZ's.
tail light design seems a bit Audi-inspired.
I wonder if that black piece of tape across the rear hatch is hiding an MKZ style light bar? I hope so...

Those tails are really well done you can see how they were designed to mimic the wingspan look of the front grill. I'm betting that MKZ gets an update styling wise inspired by MKC. slimout the grill and give MKZ those headlights please..
A light bar is very possible, and needed, without it the rear end will look exactly like an Audi, or something from a British brand... Aston martin?
do you guys think that the light bar would make the rear end look better? I kind of like it without it. but I guess i'll wait till the camo comes off.
it's tough to say since the part of the tail light setup we see is so curvy and euro-like. the bar can make or break the whole light setup
There might be come similarities but MKX is long in the teeth. Its more likely that the next MKX pulls from the MKC. like how the MKC pulled from the MKZ. I'm hoping Lincolns design language is more organic this time around. In the sense that it continues to evolve off each vehicle, instead of the stamp and repeat look of the language now on MKS, MKX and MKT...

heres the MKC concept...

notice the light bar across the back. I like it. Hope MKZ kicked off a design trend at Lincoln with the full rear light bar...
hey look it's a Lincoln that looks like a Porsche. Lol
who copied who?
from how I see it Porsche had this type of tail light design on one or more of it's coupes.
lincoln is guilty

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