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Lincoln brings back its "Date Night" program for the MKZ

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Lincoln has brought back its "date night" program in hopes of garnering interest on its MKZ sedan. The program allows interested buyers a 24-48 hour test drive with the MKZ, which also includes dinner for two at a restaurant of your choice, up to $100 in value. The program is by invitation only.

The program was first used to appease frustrated customers who pre-ordered an MKZ only to wait through months of delays as Lincoln dealt with quality control issues.

To arrange the date night experience you'll have to contact Lincoln. Lincoln assures that there is no obligation to buy a vehicle or to attend a sales presentation with the program.
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This is a sign that Lincoln has hit rock bottom. Who else would go this far just to try to hook potential buyers. I can really see people going just for the freebies. ****, why not take a trip since you have the **** car for 2 days lol
I don't think its rock bottom
Just bad marketing

They are actually doing pretty well so far (2014)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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