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Keyless entry problem

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I own a 2014 MKZ and have experienced an issue with the keyless entry system since day one. Between 15% - 20% of the time the keyless entry system does not work properly (usually when my hands are full). The problem is seen when both locking and unlocking the car. The doors will lock/unlock with the fob.

Here's a few more tidbits:
- it happens with both fobs (even with fresh batteries)
- weather doesn't seem to be a factor it happens year round (I'm in Minnesota)
- my dealer hasn't heard of this issue before and can't duplicate it. They actually suggested that I bring the car to them when it happens (really??? - obviously not an issue at that point) They've replaced a sensor or two to no avail.

Beyond this issue we love the car. Any thoughts/comments are appreciated.
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not entry but starting up

sometimes the car does not recognize the key to start the car.
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