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Is it not possible to order a MkZ without the "My Lincoln" technology display?

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Is it not possible to order a MkZ without the "My Lincoln" technology display?

I have seen a few MKZ's on the road. I think they look amazing.

Personally I have no desire to have a giant screen that's too smart for it's own good on the center my car. Nothing but a distraction, I just want a good sound system, single cd player, and an hd radio.
Is this my lincoln display also used to control things like all of the cars accessories, a/c, heated seats ect..?

Which leads to the next question, if it's standard and so crucial to the car performing, I imagine it would be next to impossible to take out?
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The MKZ focused on integrating a lot of controls into the touch screen. Lincoln learnt people weren't necessarily fans of that so the MKC has more buttons. I think the touch screen comes part and parcel with the MKZ. Hopefully you can learn to love it.
HVAC is not built into the touch screen...

Its not built into the touch screen but it is touch activated. Car makers thought everything was trending towards touch controls, but then they learnt that it is harder to drive while using touch controls. So now they are making it a combo of touch and buttons again. The MKZ got caught in the middle unfortunately.
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