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They kept the car twice in the last two weeks, 3 days each time. Yes they did give me a loaner both times but I have my mkz right now while they continue to try and find an answer. Very buggy....
I believe the dealer truely wants to solve this issue but it is beyond their control. It is up to Lincoln to make the next move.
As far as the car overall I do like it but the number of issues since I have taken possesion have been a lot higher then I expected with a new vehicle.
Just for the record, this is not my first new car nor is it my first from Lincoln/Ford. I have had 8 new vehicles over the last 40 years and this is my 3rd from Ford/Lincoln. I have 2 other higher end cars prior to the MKZ but this has been less than satisfying.
thanks for the update.
hopefully they will have a fix soon, i know in situations like this they have to call in engineers to come up with a fix.
keep us posted on any progress
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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