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How well does the MKZ pothole mitigation software work?

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One of the features I am most interested in with the Lincoln MKZ is the pothole mitigation software. In some ways it sounds too good to be true. A system that makes driving over potholes almost unnoticeable? Is that really the case?

The system is said to use proprietary algorithms to detect potholes. This detection works in just 2 milliseconds. When a pothole id detected the suspension then "dampens" to hold the tire up and stop it from dropping into the pothole. Given the state of a lot of roads in the US, I can see how this technology would be pretty popular.

I gather from reading online that the system does work fairly well, but I am curious if I can get the opinions of some of our forum members. While the system should work really well at lower speeds, I am wondering if the system will work just as well when you are traveling at higher speeds, like on the highway for example.

Does anyone have some first hand experience with this system? Is it all that it is cracked up to be, and does it work at higher seeds as well as lower ones?
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