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High MPGs

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So huge gas guzzlers have become malignantly taboo, why as Americans haven’t we been offered better options for curbing our consumption, here is a quick look at what’s available globally in the hunt for better mpgs

Toyota Urban Cruiser

Euro version of the Scion XD has a combined mileage of 52.8 U.S mpg, the AWD version gets 48

Nissan Qashqai

Global versions of the Qashqai make 56 U.S mpg compared to North American versions that only deliver 26 mpg!!! Diesel fuel is a major cause of the discrepancy, but a 30 mpg difference is borderline insane.

Volkswagon Blue Motion TDI Passat Wagon

Kids to soccer, groceries, long jaunts to the beach? No worries the TDI Passat makes an obscene 65.4 U.S mpg. The Passat is actually manufactured in Amerika and shipped overseas

All of these vehicles are banned by the Federal government citing safety concerns, but it certainly feels more sinister than that… so yea...
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In all honesty I do support the hybrid MKZ because are you going to find one that is just as good looking. ;)
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