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Heya all! 2011 MKZ Hybrid owner

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Hi all

I just bought a 2011 MKZ Hybrid. It has 41,000 miles and was owned by some old people that didn't drive much so it is in great shape. The only bad thing is that it was driven by old people so they crashed it but there was no frame damage and it was repaired well. Normally I avoid cars that have been in accidents but this car was in such great shape I made an exception which I am hoping I don't regret.

So far I am absolutely loving the car, great MPG in town and acceleration that makes you forget it is a hybrid when needed, although normally I am in the right lane cruising trying to keep it in EV mode when I can lol. But it nice to have the power when you need it.

My other car is a V6 4matic C300 Mercedes Sport which I absolutely love, but for the value of this MKZ and how much I am enjoying the Lincoln there is a good chance the benz gets replaced with a newer MKZ hybrid in a few years. Last winter the AWD was a life saver, but normally I am not driving in the snow so if I decide I don't need AWD I 100% will get a 2nd Lincoln.

I will try to be of help when I can and hopefully be able to get some answers if and when I have questions or issues to work on
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