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Hello! '15 Hybrid for rideshare

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Never owned a Lincoln before, never really been a Ford guy.

Little bit about me - I'm a car guy's car guy. A capable amateur mechanic, lots of experience modifying and customizing cars as well as wrenching on them. I know a lot and I know what I don't know (which is probably the more important of the two, lol). I'm not an expert on this vehicle yet, but I've never owned a car that I didn't get to know through and through.

When I made the leap to driving rideshare full-time instead of part-time, I did a lot of homework before selecting a car. The MKZ Hybrid was the least expensive vehicle available certified used with a 100k miles warranty, that qualified for Uber Select/Lyft Lux, that was also a hybrid. I picked up a low mileage 2015 at very good deal, and I've put 45k miles on it in less than 9 months. So far I'm impressed. I get so many compliments on teh car - I didn't realize how much weight and mystique the Lincoln name still carries! I've picked up passengers who have new Rolls' and a Lamborghini in their driveways, who get in and gush about getting to ride in a Lincoln. Like, wow, lol.

Because I bought the vehicle for work rather than for fun, and because I don't have access to a garage at the moment, I've really slacked off on learning my way around this thing so far. I mean, it's under warranty, right?! :p But I should probably change that. The 100k certified warranty has a $100 deducible, and I'd just as soon not take it in for stupid little stuff that I can handle myself. So -

It's finally starting to have a few issues, and I figured I'd seek out a forum like I have for my other cars so I can gain some insight - and hopefully get to where I'm contributing.

Nice to meet ya'll!
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