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Heated and cooled seats not working

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I recently purchased a 2013 Mkz, and when i got the car the cooled seats worked perfectly but the drivers seat on the heat mode would kind of idle up and down and I'm not sure if this is normal operation, BUT after about a month both the drivers seat and passengers seats Heated and Cooled seats just all the sudden stopped working. The display shows them to be on, but nothing from the seat itself. I have checked the #65 fuse on the car and it appears to be fine. I also checked the wires under the seat and it seems like all the connections are plugged in. I was wondering if anyones had this issue with their Mkz and if anyone had any suggestions? I have black seats and in the winter heated seats are nice and in the summer i would really like to use the cooled seats.
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A good heater service shop can totally fix that! They've fixed my same problem in a breeze. https://
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