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Have you done any work/mods to your MKZ?

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Just wondering if anyone has or is planning to make any mods to your MKZ?

Tints? New wheels? Debadging?

Just curious. Post up some pictures if you can.
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I OWN A 2008 WITH TINTED WINDOWS, "OZ" black spoke chrome rims, 17x7.5 very lite,K n N air cleaner. unfortunately, It handles like like a balloon at 60 mph,aaand shifts like theirs mayonnaise in the trans, ------Looks nice thou! after i replaced the chrome peeling stock rims w/oz lites i got way better pick up and 2 more mpg. oh, i also replaced two (2) drive shafts as the bearings kept wearing out. Made in china i think they said. ;-)) Lincoln would maybe sell more if they made them with a few mods ala Lexus or at least "some real" handling! Car has 30k miles
Get it in writing how long it will last before SHRINKING AN PEELING off. I used 3M,, lasted four years, hence the warranty.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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