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Fuzzy back up camera

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Does anyone else find the quality of the picture of the back up camera to by "not very crisp?" Compared to my spouses Audi and my previous Lexus, the picture is simply nowhere as clear. Plus because of the position/location of the camera, it collects A LOT of moisture and rain. If it is raining, my back up camera is completely USELESS. Again, our Audi and my previous Lexus neither have/had this problem.
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The rain is just a placement issue. I get the same. The fuzziness is just a low quality camera. My 2011 F250 was twice as good quality. My friends 2013 audi on the other hand. No better than what the MKZ has. Apparently whoever makes the cameras for all these companys just cut quality.
yes it seems that the quality ot the camera is low . i use the one .i have never had the situation:Rear View Cameras
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