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A few discoveries I had made during some engine exploration.

Our intake system (air box to intake manifold) and exhaust system seem to part match exactly with the 2.7L Fusion Sport. So while we may have a bigger and powerful engine, it is restricted down to what the Fusion Sport can utilize in stock form. The MKZ makes better power bevause its just got a bigger engine, but the rest of the parts are pretty much cross sharedwith the Fusion Sport.

Bad news is stock MKZ is held back essentially, but good news is any mod fans can benefit from Fusion Sport market supply that will come in the future (so we won't struggle like the Taurus SHO/MKS scene)

Our biggest bottleneck is the front mount intercooler. I expected this to be the weakest link since daily drivers do not need a unit that resists heat in idle-to-WOT situations hardly at all.

I've contacted C-PE (Custom Performance Engineering) and they do have Fusion Sport bolt on plans in mind, especailly an Intercooler upgrade. This should direct bolt on and replace the stock 3.0T MKZ's unit since the pattern is exactly the same. Might even work for the Continental as it too, shares a lot of engine internals.

I do not plan to heavily mod mine, but an intercooler at least will be a big one. I've logged enough to notice Charge Air overheats anytime "drag play" is wanted, and so a better intercooler will help drop these temperatures significantly.

It will be quite some time however, if lucky by the the end of the year maybe.

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What Ford Fusion Sport Intercoolers will work with MKZ

I did notice that there are some aftermarket Intercoolers for the Ford Fusion Sport

Here is one that it says will fit both:


Also Fits the 17+ 3.0L Continental.

Free shipping to Continental US only. Email for a quote outside lower 48.

FMIC features:

24" X 8" X 3.5" core

100% handmade in the USA

6061 Aircraft aluminum end tanks

2.5" outlet/ twin 2.0" inlets

Fits in factory location with no cutting required

Works with stock hoses and clamps

100% tig welded

Garrett core

What about some of the others:

Front Mount Intercooler

Ultimate Performance FMIC - works with ACC

Levels FMIC

Turbo Tech Racing

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