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Fuel door hinge fix

dont you just push the tank cover?
I recently purchased a used 2011 MKZ (with only 7,500 miles). However after only a few fill ups, the gas door went loose, and the hinge spring did not hold the door closed.
I checked with both a Ford and Lincoln service dept. They could fix it for about $250.00. I checked on YouTube and a guy showed how to remove the fuel door assembly from a 2012 Fusion (same door assembly). The fuel door assembly part is about $66.00 The website is:
Then I found a guy that fixed the fuel door hinge on his F-150 (similar):
I removed the door assembly from my MKZ and was able to repair it by drilling a hole in the hinge pin and adding a self tapping screw and washer. Like the F-150 video showed.


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