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Ford Design Cheif says Lincoln is "not true luxury"

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Finally the folks down at Ford/Lincoln are saying what we have been thinking for a long time. J Mays, Ford's Design Chief, said that Lincoln is "not true luxury." He went on to declare that Lincoln is in an investment stage that will probably take a good ten years.

Some analysts compare Lincoln to other struggling luxury brands like Infiniti and Acura.

Does ten years sound right to you for Lincoln to turn things around? Would you put Lincoln in the same league as Acura and Infiniti? (Because I thought Infiniti was doing better...)
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Quality and reliability is key, but so are rethroneable vehicles.
just look how unreliable german cars can be yet people still buy them and wait for them like a bunch of little girls at a bieber concert. Someones people will love a car or brand so much they will buy it even though they know there will be issues. People buy in just to be apart of the lifestyle.
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