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Flat Tire on my 2013 MKZ-H....

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For those of you with a 2013 MKZ-Hybrid or newer – without the spare tire. I just had a flat and had to use Lincoln Roadside Assistance. It was pretty painless…

Ifollowed the instrucitons in the handbook and I used the tire inflator kit - but it would not seal and inflate. As it turns out, it was a sidewall blowout which will not seal. As the handbook said, it would only seal punctures.

So I called Lincoln RoadSide assistance. The automatic answering menu was easy, just two questions got me to the right person. She took down my VIN (last 8 digits), my problem and my location. She was extremely friendly and concerned about my safety. She put me on hold for a few seconds and came back with the name of the towing company and an ETA. It was going to be about 90 minutes for someone to get to me.

She asked how I would like to be updated and I chose texting.

Luckily there was a Starbucks nearby, so I went and had some iced coffee and used my iPad!

About 30 minutes before the scheduled ETA, I got a robo-call letting me know the tow company had been delayed about 15 minutes.

A few minutes after that, I got a text with a web-link to my incident on (glad I have a smart phone with web access). That allowed me to see who the driver was, plus gave me a live map of his location, my location and the nearest Lincoln dealer (which was where I bought the car). It also had a live ETA and more information on the progress of my incident than I really needed!

10 minutes before the driver arrived, I got another text asking me to be sure I was with the car.

At the scheduled time the driver arrived, I got another robo-call asking me if the driver was there and options of what to do if he was not there yet. Since he was there, the robo-call also asked me to be sure to complete a web-survey on the incident which I did after I got home.

The driver arrived and apologized for running a bit late. I appreciated that. He drove the car on the flatbed, got me to the Lincoln dealer and drove it off. He had me sign a form that he had completed his job, shook my hand and went off to his next tow. Piece of cake.

The good news is that the dealer did not have the tire in stock. So they gave me an identical MKZ except it is the 3.7L version – to use for a day. Quite a difference in acceleration. Was also funny to press the “On” button and actually have an engine come on. I am so used to that silent running. It has made me glad that I did not buy the 3.7L version, I could feel my old aggressive driving tendencies coming back while driving home. Will go out for a longer ride later today, I have 150 free miles to play with!

Could not be happier with the roadside service. I have not had a flat tire or changed a flat tire since 1977, so I would not have even attempted to do it if I could. Was glad to have a number to call and have someone bail me out, plus it did not cost me anything to get me to the Lincoln dealer.
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