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Favorite Features on the Lincoln MKZ?

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What are your favorite features on the Lincoln MKZ? It can be anything from it's exterior and interior design, luxury features, or even specific things about it's drivetrain/powertrain, lets hear it!

To start, mine has to be Lincoln Drive Control with the selectable driving modes being Normal, Comfort and Sport, with Sport being my favorite.
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love how it's hybrid powertrain helps it get 45 mpg combined, being priced cheaper than a lexus ESh and getting better mileage than it is wicked. i bet if it wasn't for the heavy glass panoramic roof MPG could reach 50 combined.
The front grill is a statement for their success in design. Lincoln did a great job expressing this through the MKZ's design and styling. They pulled it off nicely, I can look at it all day and same with the design of the rear end.
the rear end does look better to me, much better than the previous generation MKZ. Now it takes on more of a futuristic look. But what's killing it is the black plastic area at the bottom.

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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